Lake Tahoe Premier Destination For Weddings

on Saturday, 26 October 2013. Posted in News

tahoeHave you wondered what your connection is to Lake Tahoe?

The lake's crystal-blue waters have an allure all their own. Some have said the resounding depth of the lake, the majestic ring of mountains, the deep, quiet forests, and pristine alpine air together bring us closer to understanding eternity. Nature marks the passing of time in ages and epochs; and standing on the shores of Lake Tahoe for even an instant gives us a glimpse into the eons.

How many loves have been found on these shores? How many births have been witnessed here? How many children have come of age? How many joyful reunions? How many have regained health or re-discovered themselves in the brisk mountain air? The depth of Lake Tahoe is more than a simple metric, it is a boundless wave of experience, change and beauty. Your connection to it happens the first moment it is captured in your gaze, your first deep inhalation of its air, the first chilly step in its pure water......and the first time you share all of this with another. It is no wonder that you have considered Lake Tahoe to be the place for your special occasion. The area seems to be made for it. The water a repository of best memories, joy and tears.

Blue Angel Catering gets this and we share your passion for the beautiful place and the memories that Lake Tahoe creates. We've been catering special events for ten years now and have built our reputation on outstanding, personal service and unique, hand-crafted foods from around the world. Hopefully, you heard about us from someone we had the pleasure of serving. If not, please check through our testimonials and give us a call. We're here to connect you and your guests to Lake Tahoe.